Staff Members






Support Staff

The school has one security officer and one cook.


Teaching Staff:

The school is well staffed with all TSC teachers 3 male teachers and 13 female teachers.


  1. Mrs. Mary Millicent Owino             -           Headteacher
  2. Mr. Joseph Gunga                             -           deputy Headteacher
  3. Mrs. Margaret Onyango                    -
  4. Mr. Benson Odhiamgo Gingo
  5. Mrs. Mary Odongo
  6. Mrs. Dorothy Atieno Odhiambo
  7. Mrs. Margaret Aluoch
  8. Mrs. Esther Owila
  9. Mr. Abiud Otieno
  10. Mrs. Mary Obilo
  11. Mrs. Dorothy Migowa
  12. Mrs. Teresa Ochieng
  13. Mrs. Susan Murage
  14. Mrs. Jane Kahera.
  15. Mrs. Elida Liso
  16. Mrs. Benter Odhiambo




  1. Mrs. Dorothy Atieno
  2. Mr.  Benson Gingo



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